The Chilmark Community Center is just what it says it is – a social center for the townspeople of Chilmark, summer visitors, and year-round residents alike.

In July and August the Center hosts a variety of programs for children, their families, and adults that offers a Playschool for children aged 3 to 5, a morning program with a full range of activities for kids aged 6 to 14, exercise classes & activities for adults, a tennis and sailing program for all ages, and an evening and weekend program of movies, lectures, music, and special events.

Since its creation, the Center has grown in activity and membership, but it has not changed significantly in style. It remains a spontaneous and informal place where families gather naturally, and older and younger children interact with ease. It also has an old fashioned budget. Prices are set at the minimum possible based on estimated operating costs. Proceeds of the Chilmark Road Race and generous donations and volunteer efforts from community members and visitors all contribute to making this unique community experience affordable.

The Center is a source of particular pride in Chilmark. For new families, it is important to remember that it is not a day camp, not a day care or drop-in center, not an urban outpost. It is quite simply a familiar Island place, where there is no sense of entitlement, where the building of community and volunteerism are valued, and where the pleasures of summer may be enjoyed in full.

Thank you for a great summer! My girls loved camp and their counselors were all fantastic. They are already looking forward to next summer!
— Brooke Couch Freeland