ThE Chilmark Community Center OFF-SEASON

Off-season, the Chilmark Community Center provides the setting for a variety of events, including pre-school classes, wedding receptions, clambakes and the Fire Department’s annual Christmas party.

The Center began as a handful of informal traditions which took place during the summer in private places around town. On Mondays, the Masons hosted a sing-along, on Wednesdays, the Leventhals showed movies in their basement, and Curly Carroll fiddled and called square dances at the Cornerway. Then, in 1956, through the efforts of the Town Affairs Council, an association of summer and permanent residents, and a gift of land from Roger Baldwin, a building was erected to house all these activities and more.

Year Round Programs

From late August through June, the Chilmark Community Center is administered by the Town of Chilmark. Various programs occur all year, including periodic flea markets, day care programs, potluck jams, town meetings as well as other events. For more information about fall, winter and spring programs at the Community Center, contact the Town of Chilmark at (508) 645-2100 or visit the Town of Chilmark website at

Rent the CCC

The Chilmark Community Center is available for special events such as weddings and other large events during the NON-summer months. For more information about renting the facility for a special event September through June contact the Town of Chilmark at 508-645-2100.